Video Recording with voice is easy and simple

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by Start Bootstrap

Last night I wanted to record a video with voice for a demo of my project. I really fear how i can do that. Then, I just remember about the same thing i did in the college. i.e., the project based on android in my Final year of the Course MCA.


Then i simply surfed for the video recording software online. I got few and a software called as Debut Video Capture Software attracted me. I simply downloaded it and just recorded my desktop for a couple of minutes to find out the output size of the video because i will be uploading the output video in youtube for customer feedback. It works as expected.


Then, the following i prepared for the video recoridng session and started it a while and after some 15 recordings the software just gave me an alert regarding expiration of validity, but i wanted to record another 2.


Then i searched for the serial key and found it 41732100-uefacl and here is the link for it.


And i presented those videos to the client and expereinced the simplicity in works :)