Think before you Build

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by Start Bootstrap

Few days i have to build a App name as Match Predicor. I wanted to use AngularJS, CSS with any Framework. 


I Choosed Laravel as the Framework, MySQL as the backend and proceeded to Build. 

The app was almost ready and i wanted to release the app on the next day, The app was developed fully from my Local Machine where i have the latest xampp package (which should have the latest php and related packs).


I really got surprise on the behavious of the application once i moved to online server. Nothing worked. i.e., i got error in the public/index.php Page always., I took sometime to have a try to fix on it. It was a fail in all the cases, i tried to think all the possiblities and nothing made the app works, but the App works very good in local machine.. 

Then i realized that the latest Laravel version which i use wants the latest php version i.e., 5.6 but the server i usually host the current webstie have only php 5.4 that makes the clashes. 


I can't able to downgrade easily the framework, then what i did is, 

1. Installed a New Laravel Framework in my machine, 

2. Copied the Controllers, Models and Views

     While moving this to online, i removed few of the classes and methods inside the models which is not supported by the Laravel 5.0. This made me to have the app in two versions Laravel 5.1 and 5.0