One and Half Year Later - Covid

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It's been more than One and a Half Years.

Never seen the office, office mates, team out, and a lot. The world is so different than before it was. I do consider that this year will never be forgotten in history.

I consider I am responsible and also lucky.

Looking back in March 2020 my company announced a short-term work from home to help employees. I never thought that the world could change as it did. I didn't even took my belongings from the office locker thinking I would return office in a week or two 

Series of things happened at this time. Would like to pin in short

1. Resigned from TPF due to few administrative changes
2. Joined in Tech Mahindra, working for Nissan
3. Developing some personal applications 

To end, I would like to convey that I too feel good, bad, blessed, grateful, and it's like a kind of mixed emotions. 

Definitely we can get through this together. Hoping a better tomorrow.