New Years Resolutions for 2019 and 2018 Review

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Stepping another year again, time to dreams for 2019 to have new hope. Who are we kidding? I feel like this idea won't work that much.

Let me see the what i've achieved with/without plan in 2019.

As you can see in the results section below, I did horribly on my 2018 resolutions, not sure why, but even with the more narrow focus, I really think that this is too much for me. I am planning to attempt the same by having goals in 2019 and see if i can achieve the same.

My 2019 Q1 Goals

Write 5 blog posts,

Cross 10 K repuration in Stackoverflow

2018 planned Goals

Participate and complete atleast in one Hackathon,

Continue my current project Personal Manager Project,

Better blogging, atleast once in a week,

Lose weight, really want to set and hit the target, [Only about 8 kg]

Make more effort to memorize surahs


Well, 1 out of 5 goals completed. That's terrible. The only one I have seemed to succeed in on programming. I was lucky enough to get higher position in my career.. This was both very stressfull, and very exciting. I really do want to make this blog work. So, let me..