How to create App in Heroku in 4 Steps

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by Start Bootstrap

I was wondering and trying to make use of Heroku since my days in Vel Tech where i attempted to build some
facebook application. However i can’t able to make it work more than sign-up :P. After seeing some good friends
making use of it I then plan to Utilize it and succeded.

Here i will say How to make use of it in simple steps

Step 1 : Create a Github Repo and then Open Heroku , then make a Register and Login to your Account, and try reading this


Step 2 : Click on the ‘+’ Icon in the Top Left of Dashboard, then Name your App and choose the Location




Step 3 : Connect with Heroku-Belt or Github or Dropbox, I will prefer Github here. Just search for your repo and click on the connect button. (Create a valid composer.json in your Repo)


Step 4 : Enable automatic deploys by clicking on the button ‘Enable automatic deploys’ and Deploy the Master Branch (or any Branch you prefer)


Now, Your App is Live, Just click on the view button and the url redirected is your App’s URL.