How to Install and use PHP in your Machine

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by Start Bootstrap

After the short introduction of PHP, A Question should be raise.

How to use PHP in my machine ?

Yes, Obviously there should be.

What ever the Operating System you running XAMPP is always there to support you.


XAMPP is a free and open source cross platform web server solution package. It is a bundle that consists of the following Bundles.


X – Cross Platform

A – Apache




Ofcourse,  I have done few video tutorials, screenshots on how to install XAMPP in Windows and Linux. This time i shall recommend Wikihow articles which explains Installing XAMPP on Windows and Linux.


There are many options in the operating system which enables you to auto start the xampp service whenever you turn on the operating system. You shall enable and enjoy that feature too.

And phpMyAdmin is a great tool to handle your database – MySQL and i give a tip to change your theme and give your admin a classic look.


People say to use

Wampp on Windows

Lampp on Linux

Mampp on Mac


But I always prefer XAMPP Everywhere, Because why should i pluck the seeds when already it was collected in the pot :)