Encourage one to make it Better !

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Encourage one to Make it Better !!

This is really a true one and it is experienced by me today.

These days, i am getting encouraged through several comments in Stackoverflow (Though a very less), but i do respect for every comment that belongs me (and for the one i deserve for).


Already i was get sparked by few of the comments, encouragements and good peoples. (I shall list those peoples in another post).

2 Best Incidents that sparked me a lot today,

I got inspired to the simple and awesome combination of the JQuery + Php, that resulted in trying  some workouts myself in hand written codes.

1st Incident

While posting answer for this Question i find little hard for Simple PDO Operation which binds with a parameter. Though i find many codes around i don’t find satisfied with those lines.

So, I plan to have something which would save time and they are smart enough.

Which resulted in Creating a Repo named as Micro Life Saver. Here i plan to have some power code that does everything. Here i shall add some more Life Saver in future

Note : I already have a kid named as PHP-MySQL(i) All in One

2nd Incident

Today one of my colleague dev asked a doubt which is related to a simple ajax call (which i love a lot these days), for that i wanted to see Mr.G and Mr.SO to fetch some segments (which i really not want to do for such a thing). Once i proposed the logic i can able to see the awesomeness with the dev. But if i have that in a hand-made it would have some additional awesomeness to myself.

So, I plan to have some post which i would really do it hand-made with explanation for basics which would surely make more expertise.

[Ahm, I can find english dies a little here, however i will save it too ???? ]

Cheer’s for the time ahead !!