Cordova :: The Platform which makes web dev to dive into mobile

by Start Bootstrap

Posted on Nov 01, 2015

Firstly, I thank Mr.Suresh who always gives me the opportunity to learn, I always prefer to learn new things and do innovate works whereever i go. 

And i saw him as the person who wanted to do the same, I shall write a seperate post to thank him as i wanted to do.

Ok, The cordova, Even those it is a hybrid way to develop mobile apps, it makes a convinient way for web dev to build mobild app on the go. 

The things to do is to choose an awesome template which looks like a mobile app with less weight and start writing the apis and then make the build that's it. 


I mostly choose NG to speed up the web and grab some good tempalates available over the web and make things done. 

And i was on the plan to build my own app to manage my Website and me (hehe, just to avoid any missout and for some plans) 

Also, i recommend using ngcordova to grab the functions which deals with triggering the fireful mobile functions. Yes you can, but make sure it doesn't looks like a website, no huge power consumption and takes less time for all actions. And that's the way. 


Like always, i never want you to stop with cordova, lets dive into native app development once the cordova is done. 

Good Luck !

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