Chosen Select and Input old Laravel

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Writing this Post after long time, which would help others if they use Chosen Menu


Here is the Link of Chosen Menu . Infact i use it for many of my projects, which is simple and free to use.


AFAIK You can customize this as per your need, today morning while i do some bed time programming i wanted to restore the selected items after validation, it was a form post action, What i did is simple..


1. Check if the old inputs were there

2. If so, then get the old inputs and iterate along to check the presence in_array


Here you go

@foreach($types as $type)
<option value="{{ $type->id }}"  <?php if(Input::old('type')) { if(in_array($type->id, Input::old('type'))) { echo 'selected="selected"'; } }?> > {{ $type->name }} </option>


You shall break it down to look deeper :)