Why should you choose Kotlin if you're creating new Native Android Mobile Application

by Start Bootstrap

Posted on Feb 20, 2019

After two months of research in Mobile development i choose Kotlin for Mobile Development. I am good in developing Hybrid Mobile App Development and of course used the same for my projects in work. But i got rid of the performance, app weight and lack of features. Here are the list of Frameworks i tried

1. Cordova

2. Ionic

3. Flutter

4. ReactNative

After trying all these applications, nothing satisfied me the above given aspects. 


Then i planned moving to Native Development using Java, but i am pretty sure that choosing Java to start new applications is definitely not recommended, and that made me to choose Kotlin. Even in Kotlin at initial stage while i try i felt it bit hard, then gradually it attracted me a lot because of the recommendatin from Google, syntax of code and Javascript like codes. I would like to document the same (blog) to make my life easier and it might be useful to someone.

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