Google App Script -> Which makes you feel Great !!

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Hello !!

I worked on Google App Script last week ,and I really felt awesome on the work i had.

And I wanted to share the experience and goodfullness on it.

I will be sharing the Scripts as a part where i will proivde the basic information about writing the GoogleScript here

Here are the initiative links to you need to turn on

Basic Note :

1. To Initiae the Script, just navigate to

File -> New -> Script

Name the Script name (prefer to end with .gs as extension)

2. To Log in the Console

Logger.log(‘Your Data’);

3. To Run the Script

Press the Run Button in the Action Bar

4. To view the Log

View -> Logs

There are many useful resources available in Internet regarding the Google Script in websites such as

Let me continue in the following scripts in the following Posts <3